Automatically Move files between computer and USB drive


The file move feature of USB Backup that move files automatically without having to initiate the transfer manually. If you find that you're moving, copying, or deleting the same files over and over, you can use USB Backup to make a simple works that does it for you.

USB Backup will monitor specific folders in the operating system and move files matching patterns from those folders into others on the computer or USB drive.

USB Backup is very easy to use and works really well. Go through the wizard, simple choose your Source folder, Destination folder, or use filter to specify names and extensions that should be excluded moved automatically from monitored folders to others. Also pick an option of schedule, choose whether you want to move the files,

Step 1: Choose one USB drive for automatically move

Step 2: Build a move job

Click button Move files between computers and USB drives from the program main window to build a job.


Step 3: Select move files direction

1. Move files from USB drive to Local PC or LAN drive

2. Move files from Local PC or LAN drive to USB drive.


Step 4: Move Settings

A. Select where do you want to save the moved files from the folder tree.

B. Select the source files you would like to move from the folder tree.

C. If you want to automatically delete the source files when the copy is complete check the Scratch option.

D. All done, back to the main window, and highlight the job from list, and click the button Run will start the move.

E. Highlight the current job and click the button schedule, and you can setup more schedule option.