Key Features

Small software USB Backup is a windows file management application that provides you simple methods of backing up, synchronizing and moving files across your desktop computer, Laptop, as well as USB storage devices.

Common feature lists:

Simple and easy to use program GUI.
Flexible filter option to including which files you would like to.
Detailed log.
Multi-threading background processing.
Easy to use the job wizard.
Detailed of statistics of available space of your USB storage.
Detailed job progress status.
Scheduling support for each job.
Automatically runs the job once the USB drive is inserted.
Save previous of deleted/replaced files so that you can easy go back the previous version.
Works with 32/64 bit system of Windows 8, windows 7 Vista, and XP, etc.


Features of Backup:

Bi-direction support, backup USB drive to PCs, backup PCs to USB, backup USB drive's to another USB drive, etc.
Comprehensive backup type:
Zip Archive
Version tracking
Version tracking with compress
Restore select files or restore whole backup files to original places or another location.


Features list of Synchronization:

Bi-directional file synchronization process.
Custom file sync option settings, various conflict process methods selection,or set the file transfer direction.
Highlighting and color for new, updated and deleted items.
Allows manually resolves when file conflicts which same file has been modified within both sides.


Features list of file Move:

File transfer direction allow selection.
Allow automatically empty the source folder once the file move process is done.
File filters options.
Version compares only transfer the update files.