USB Backup is a highly effective file backup and synchronization software for windows system. It is made for people who want to always keep data between their various storage devices, like Desktop PC, Laptop computer, or even bring data with USB flash memory devices and USB hard disk drives.

USB Backup designed was job based windows application, which can handle PC's file backup, synchronization, move and much more. All jobs could be performed when a single mouse click or USB drive is inserted in. USB Backup software also offers comprehensive routine schedule executed options, you can set up each job performed different intervals, like daily, weekly, one time only, monthly, year,  and so on.

Look for it yourself just how easy using USB Backup software. You’ll find the quick guide of setup as well as how to execute it automatically.

Step 1: Choose one USB drive for automatically backup, sync or move action.

Step 2: Build a job

Select which one (backup, sync, move) you wish to use on the program main window to build a job.


Step 3: Run Selected Job

Select one job from the list, and click the button Run.


Step 4: Automatic Settings

There are a variety of automatic settings you can choose. USB Backup will automatically backup, sync or move your files according to your preferred schedule settings. Selected one job which you wish to setup the run on schedule, and click the button Schedule.