Frequently Asked Questions 

Will the software work on my PC?

That is hard to tell since each PC is different. Nowadays it's hard to make a software work on all machines. Anyway that's why you have a free trial version to download for every software you can buy from us. Just download it from the product page and test it as much as you want. Simply tell us if you have trouble with it and we will try to fix the problem so that the software works on your PC as well.

Is there any functional limitation in the trial version?

No, the trial version is fully functional except that it will stop working after 15 days from its initial date of installation on the installed computer.

Is it supported on Windows 8?

It is supported on all editions of windows 8, including x64 editions.

How can I purchase a license for the software?

You can purchase a license for the software online using Credit Card, Cheque, or PayPal. Paypal is our preferred payment processor. You do not need to have a PayPal account to make a purchase.

How long does it take to get the product serial number after making the payment for the software?

When purchasing it online using paypal or credit card you should normally receive the product serial number email within few minutes after your order is processed successfully. For cheque and wire transfer orders, your order will be processed only after the payment is released. Please note, the product serial number will also display on the webpage after your order is completed.


What is your Refund Policy?

USB Backup Software is provided as full functional trial version for downloading directly from our Website. You can download and try before you buy. By using this trial version, you can make sure that it is compatible with your computer systems and satisfy all of your requirements before purchasing the full version. All sales are final. Once the registration details and download instructions are issued, they cannot be cancelled. There is no way to guarantee that our software was actually removed from a system after it is installed, so this is also a way to help fight fraudulent activity.

Do you provide minor updates free of cost?

All major and minor updates are provided free of cost up to one year from the date of purchase. After one year, you are entitled to receive only minor updates free of cost until the next major version is released. There will be some discount to registered users after one year to upgrade to next major version when it is available.

How do I upgrade the trial version to registered one after purchasing a license for it?

You will also need to enter the product serial number given to you during installation of the registered version over the existing trial version.

You may also install the registered version of the software freshly on a new computer where trial version was not installed.

Can I use a single license on more than one computer?

A single license can be used only on a single computer. Installation on two or more computer, or use by multiple persons requires the purchase of additional licenses.