Automatically Backup to USB drive

Nowadays USB flash disk or USB memory stick drive is very small but has big store space up to 64GB to keep your data files enough. Most user using USB storage drive the convenient way transporting files between home PCs and laptop computer or another computers, and also even work with a USB hard disk drive to backup files on computer to prevent losing them when it comes to the hard disk drive crash.


Step 1: Choose one USB drive for automatically backup

Step 2: Build a backup job

Click button Backup files between computers and USB drives on the program main window to build a job.


Step 3: Select backup files direction

Select first one From Computer to USB drive.


Step 4: Backup Settings

You just only need to setup backup type, target folder and which one you want like to backup.

A. Select one backup type from list.

B. Select one folder from the USB drive list, or create a new one.


C. Select what you want to backup from the shortcut icon or from the folder tree.


D. All done back to the main window, and highlight the job from list, and click the button Run will start the backup.


E. Highlight the current job and click the button schedule, and you can setup more schedule option.