The easy and simple way to backup, synchronize and move your files between computers and USB storage devices. 



USB Backup is a files management software tool for Windows system, like Windows 7 and Windows 8, etc. It can perform three major data process actions, file backup, file synchronization and file move between computers and USB drives. Using backup file function you can copy your files from local computer to USB drive, or backup your USB drive's data files to computer that protecting your USB external hard drives and data sticks against loss or theft. The software also support backup files between two USB storage devices if you want to backup your mobile phone content directly to USB storage device, you can use this feature. The second function is file sync, you can use it to synchronize files between your computer and USB drives, or use one USB drive to sync files between two computers without Network connection. The third function is file move, you can use it to move your specific files from local PC to USB drive, or from USB drive to one folders of Local computer, for example in everyday you download some files from your work PC and take them back to home PC, you can use the feature to save your time to manually copy files.

The small Windows PC application - USB backup supports all kind of USB storage devices, like USB flash memory stick, external USB hard drive, SD card, mobile phone, as well as your Pad, if your Window system can known these USB storage device then the USB Backup software will also know them and copy the files to and from these devices. Please note these devices still can use for you normally data files copy action, because our USB Backup software only use the free storage space of your USB storage devices.

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Backup files from computer to uSB drive


Using software USB Backup you can automatically backup files from local computer or LAN drive to your USB drive when inserted the USB drive, or run backup on routine schedule. Within the Backup feature you can setup different backup methods which depend on your different purpose, here are a few backup methods list below:

Incremental backup
zip archive
Versions tracking
Version tracking with zip compression

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Backup USB drive's files to computer hard disk


Backup USB drive's files to your local computer is a good way to avoid lost or corrupt USB drives. USB Backup provides a feature that can automatically detects once your USB storage devices are plugged in to your computers, and then make a backup of your specific data to computer. All of backup methods that backup USB to local computer can use.

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Backup files from USB drive to USB drive


Automatically transfer files from one USB drive to another USB storage device directly, without save temp copy on your host computer. For example, directly copy your photo pictures or videos from your mobile phone data to your USB backup drive to archive them.

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Synchronize files between computer and USB drive


If you always work at different places, like home and office, you may need to synchronize some folders and files between computers and USB external drive, for example, you want to sync My Document folder within your works' PC and bring it back to home and continue work document, and tomorrow bring them back to office. But every time doing this manually operation copy and paste is a hard works and time consuming. Use USB Backup software the file synchronization function that can help you doing this synchronization and manage your files versions. You can setup many sync pairs, like one sync pair for your work file, and one sync pair for your music file, etc. using this software you can transfer files to various directions as below:

Both directions

Only to computer

Only to USB drive

And the program also has the handle conflict feature to handle one file has multi versions.

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Sync files between computer and Laptop use one USB flash drive without network support


The Sync feature of USB Backup also lets you quickly and easily synchronize your data files between two and more computers using one USB drive, (USB flash or USB hard disk). The USB Sync features designed specifically for basic mobile office users who set up the network is very hard thing, using one USB flash drive, you can easy sync the latest files between all you computers like laptops, desktop PC or tablets as well, just plug in the USB drive, all done. In other the USB port has highest transfer speeds than LAN network connection.

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Move files between computer and laptop


You may want to transfer files between your multiple computers routine. For example, you may download some music or move file from at your office desktop PC in always, and you may want to bring them to your home computer and then delete the downloaded file from your office PC automatically, or you want to automatically transfer some files that on your work PC to you home PC every day or week, then the move file feature of USB Backup is best for you to handle above things.

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Automatically and Schedule


The USB Backup software can be run the job automatically without user intervention, it can setup repeats frequency, and the program also allow runs job on windows startup, shutdown as well as USB disk drive is inserted.

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Desktop install and Portable version


USB Backup provides the desktop install version, but in some case, the user no allow to install software on the PC, in order to meet this user need, USB Backup also provides a Non-install version, which can run directly on any portable device such as a USB flash drive or portable hard drive, therefore you can run file synchronization, backup or move even when you don't have administrator rights or installing software is prohibited on the host computer.

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